Widget Access Token

Your key to embedding and utilizing the Userback Widget.

A pivotal component that enables the use of the Userback Widget. It serves as a unique cryptographic identifier, granting you the privilege to integrate Userback seamlessly into your application or website.

How to Retrieve Your Userback Widget Access Token

To acquire your unique Widget Access Token, adhere to the following protocol:

  1. Login: Access your Userback Workspace.
  2. Project Selection: Choose the designated project for which you require the Widget Access Token.
  3. Navigate to Widget Page: Once in the project, proceed to the Widget settings.
  4. JavaScript Option: Click on the JavaScript option to reveal a modal, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.
  1. Token Retrieval: Your Widget Access Token will be conspicuously highlighted in the displayed screenshot. Please copy or securely archive it for forthcoming use.