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The official NPM module for embedding the Userback Widget into your JavaScript or TypeScript application.

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Userback Widget Token

You will need your Userback Widget Token, you can get your project-specific Userback Widget Token from Widget Customiser.

We've got 2 options, utilizing NPM or Yarn in the code example below.

npm i @userback/widget
yarn add @userback/widget


import Userback from '@userback/widget'


Show the Userback Widget immediately after loading on the bug screen.

Userback(..).then(ub => {'bug')

Or delay showing it until later:

Userback(.., { autohide: true }).then(ub => {
    document.querySelector('').addEventListener('click', function(){

Using the options object to enable native screenshots while binding screenshots to a HTML button:

const userback = await Userback(..., { navtive_screenshot: true })
document.querySelector('button.screenshot').addEventListener('click', (event) => {
    event.preventDefault()'bug', 'screenshot')

After initialization, you can use the named function getUserback to get a reference to the UserbackWidget.

import { getUserback } from '@userback/widget'

document.querySelector('button.screenshot').addEventListener('click', (event) => {
    getUserback().open('bug', 'screenshot')

For more information about available configuration settings and and functions available, see our JavaScript API