📝 Prefill Fields

Streamline Feedback with Auto-Populated Form Fields

Make it easier for your users to submit feedback by automatically filling out certain fields. This feature streamlines the feedback process, saving users time. Looking to elevate user data beyond prefilling fields? See User Identification.

🔐 Company Plan or higher required - Uses JavaScript SDK, more details here.


  • Userback Widget installed

Basic Usage

email: string, name: string, categories: string, priority: string

Automatically populate the fields on the feedback form.

Userback.email = '[email protected]'; 
Userback.name = 'Jane Doe';
Userback.categories = "Frontend";
Userback.priority = "urgent"; // low, neutral, high, urgent

Basic Use Cases

  • Streamlined Email Input: Simplify email entry with Userback.email = '[email protected]';.
  • Effortless User Identification: Set a default user name using Userback.name = 'Jane Doe';.
  • Focused Feedback Categories: Define feedback categories like 'UI' with Userback.categories = 'UI';.
  • Priority Made Simple: Automatically assign 'urgent' priority with Userback.priority = 'urgent';.

Support & Further Reading

For more information, consult the JavaScript SDK Documentation.

Encounter issues? Please send a message to our support team.