Quickly integrate Userback via NPM or Yarn with this step-by-step guide and code samples


The official NPM module for embedding the Userback Widget into your Vue application.


To install any of the packages and embed Userback, you'll need a Widget Access Token.

NPM Installation

npm i @userback/vue


To set up the plugin, use App.use to install Userback into the global scope under $userback.

import UserbackPlugin from '@userback/vue';

  .use(UserbackPlugin, {
    token: '**Widget Access Token**'
    // identify your logged-in users (optional)
    user_data: {
      id: "123456", // example data
      info: {
        name: "someone", // example data
        email: "[email protected]" // example data

For advanced customization information, refer to our JavaScript SDK documentation.

We hope this guide helps you seamlessly integrate the Userback Widget into your Vue application. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please visit the Userback Help Center for additional resources and support.

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