Userback REST API

The Userback REST API is a RESTful API for integrating with Userback. All endpoints are described using OpenAPI 3.0 along with JsonSchema definitions for use with data verification/validation.

The API strictly utilizes HTTPS and accepts JSON or form-encoded content for request data and always responds with data in a JSON format, including errors.

Only UTF-8 encoding is supported for both requests and responses.



We also provide a postman configuration file, the latest version can be found at /1.0/postman

Data naming conventions

All JSON returned data will following these conventions:

  • Model names use PascalCase, are singular by default but pluralized when an array is provided.
  • Model properties use camelCase

Given an example feedback response, the structure would look something like this:

  id: 11,
  name: "Example Feedback",
  isArchived: false,
	Screenshots: [
      id: 481,
      url: '',
      width: 1024,
      height: 768,
  Project: {
  	id: 54,
    name: "My Example Project"