Userback REST API


The REST API is currently in Developer Preview

We currently are providing access to our test server for interested parties to test integrations and give feedback. To register interest, drop us an email here

The Userback REST API is a RESTful API for integrating with Userback. All endpoints are described using OpenAPI 3.0 along with JsonSchema definitions for use with data verification/validation.

The API strictly utilizes HTTPS and accepts JSON or form-encoded content for request data and always responds with data in a JSON format, including errors.

Only UTF-8 encoding is supported for both requests and responses.


EnvironmentHTTP Endpoint
Production (Live Data)
Test (Mock Data)


We also provide a postman configuration file, the latest version can be found here

Data naming conventions

All JSON returned data will following these conventions:

  • Model names use PascalCase, are singular by default but pluralized when an array is provided.
  • Model properties use camelCase

Given an example feedback response, the structure would look something like this:

  id: 11,
  name: "Example Feedback",
  isArchived: false,
    Screenshots: [
      id: 481,
      url: '',
      width: 1024,
      height: 768,
  Project: {
    id: 54,
    name: "My Example Project"