If there is an issue fulfilling a request the API will respond with defined responses depending on the error, along with a response in JSON with a simple generic format:

  "message": "ValidationError",
  "details": {
    "email": "Email is required"

A message will always be provided while details is optional depending on the context of the failure and if extra information is available.

Possible HTTP status codes returned by the API include:

Status CodeMessageDescription
200OKEverything is working as expected
401Not AuthorizedNo Valid API key provided
404Not FoundThe resource requests can not be found or has been deleted.
422Validation ErrorThe request cannot be validated against the OpenAPI spec. Check details for more information.
429Too Many RequestsToo many requests were made too quickly.
500Server ErrorSomething went wrong on our end.

Rate Limiting

Our APIs are all rate limited against the Userback account authenticated against and we currently allow for 600 requests per minute.

When an error occurs with rate limiting, you will receive a HTTP 429 response along with a Retry-After header that will inform how many seconds you should wait until the rate limit has been reset.