The Userback API utilizes Filtering and Sorting based on Microsoft API guidelines syntax, excluding the use of $.

This allows for the use of the following operators:

  • eq - Field equals the value
  • ne - Field is not equal to the value
  • ge/gtGreater (than) the value
  • le/lt Less (than) the value
  • and/or - Logical connectives for multiple conditions
  • (/) - Allows grouping/ordering of more complex conditional logic


Filtering results can be done on all list endpoints using the filter query URL parameter (eg: GET /rest/x.x/feedback/?filter=xxx)

In order to filter records you can perform an equality check like so: eq 'Joe'

Or utilizing gt to find all feedback with more than 5 votes: gt 5

Filters can also be combined using the and/or operators:

// gt 5 and feedbackType eq 'Bug'


String Quotations

Note that all string value quotations must use ', not ".
For example: ?filter=name eq 'Joe Doe'

This also is required when it comes to true and false, which are reserved keywords for booleans.

Sorting and Ordering

Sorting is achieved through the sort query URL parameter. If we wanted to sort all feedback from mostly recently modified to least recently, we could use:,desc

Only one field can be sorted at a time.