Advanced Webhooks, Bulk-Send to Connected Apps, and Feedback Filtering by URL

Get ready for some awesome new updates to Userback. We've added Advanced Webhooks, you can now send feedback in bulk to connected apps, and filter feedback by URL. Check out the release notes for more details and links to helpful resources.

  • 🔌🪝 Advanced Webhooks are here! We're excited to share that you can now create Webhook notifications when feedback is created, assigned, the status is updated, priority is changed, voted on, or deleted. We've also added notifications for comments when created, updated, status is changed or deleted.
  • 🔌🏋🏼 Bulk-send (to connected apps) You can now send feedback in bulk to a connected app. Whether you've connected to a new project management system or your spring cleaning.
  • 🔦 Filter by "URL" Has been added to the Feedback page, group feedback by location or source.