Merge Feedback, Voter List, and Feedback Received Notifications

We're excited to share some new features we've added to Userback, making it even easier to manage feedback and stay on top of customer requests. Here's a quick rundown of what's new:

  • Merge Feedback - Managing feedback can be overwhelming, especially when you're dealing with duplicate Bug Reports or Feature Requests. With Userback's new Merge Feedback feature, you can now select and merge multiple feedback items together, eliminating duplicates and simplifying the management of related feedback. By combining the status, assignee, type, and vote count of two or more selected feedback items, you'll get a more accurate representation of an idea or issue's overall popularity. Child feedback is gracefully hidden from view with a filter, but you can easily access and manage all related feedback from the Primary feedback item, providing complete visibility in a simplified view. Check out this helpful article to learn more.

  • View Voters for Feature Requests - Get a better understanding of who's interested in a particular feature with our new voter list feature. Now, you can view a list of voters in the Feedback Portal, which allows you to prioritize development accordingly. While anyone can see the voter list, emails will only be visible to logged-in admins and collaborators. Check it out here.

  • Feedback Received Notifications for Reporters - Keep your users informed and engaged with our new feedback received notifications for reporters. Whenever new feedback is received, Userback can now automatically send a confirmation email to the reporter. With the ability to edit the notification subject and email content, you can create a tailored and informed experience for your users, including their name and a link to the feedback. This feature will need to be activated for existing customers here.

  • Automation Option Under Project Settings - We've added an "Automation" tab for projects. Located under the Project settings menu, you can now access default assignee settings, an option to reopen feedback if a reporter replies, and the feedback received notification option. We're excited to add even more powerful automation features here in the future, so stay tuned!

We hope these new features will make it even easier for you to manage feedback, prioritize development, and stay on top of customer requests. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our support team at any time.