Intercom Integration, New Feedback Filters, Category Bulk Edit and Voted Idea Highlighting

We're excited to announce the latest updates to Userback, including a Direct Integration with Intercom, new feedback filters, category bulk editing, and voted idea highlighting. These features were all developed based on customer feedback, so we know they'll make a big difference to your workflow.

  • Intercom Integration - We're thrilled to announce our new integration with Intercom. By integrating Userback's widget with Intercom Inbox, Messenger, and Outbound Bots, your customers can easily report issues by drawing on the screen or recording a video, eliminating the need for time-consuming back-and-forth communication. With Userback connected to Intercom, you can view the status of your customers' feedback, adding valuable context to your conversations and enhancing your customer support. For more information, check out this helpful article with steps to get started. Developed from this Idea.

  • New Feedback Filters - You asked for it, and we delivered. We've added new filters to the feedback management page, including Portal Visibility and Vote Count. Now you can easily sort through your feedback and find the items that are most important to you. Developed from this Idea.

  • Category Bulk Edit - We know that categorization is important to many of our users, which is why we've added the ability to bulk edit feedback categories. Now you can easily apply categories to multiple items at once, making it even easier to organize your feedback. Developed from this Idea.

  • Voted Idea Highlighting - It can be frustrating to try and remember which ideas you've already voted on, which is why we've added voted idea highlighting to the feedback portal. Now you can easily see which ideas you've already voted on, making it easier to track your feedback and stay organized. Developed from this Idea.