Email Reply Capture, Portal SSO Enforcement, Session Replay Updates, and Auto Delete Empty Users

We're excited to announce the latest updates to Userback, which include some highly requested features from our customers. With these updates, you can expect a smoother feedback management experience, improved security, and compliance with data protection regulations. Here's a quick rundown of what's new:

  • Capture Email Reply - We've added a new feature to Userback that allows you to directly reply to feedback notifications via email. When someone comments on your feedback, you'll receive an email notification with the option to reply directly from your email client. The email reply will be captured in Userback and attached to the original comment, making it easier to manage feedback and stay on top of customer requests. Additionally, any attachments in the email will be saved with the comment. You'll see the text "via email reply" in the feedback comment to indicate it was submitted via email.

  • Portal SSO Enforcement - With the new Portal SSO Enforcement feature, you can now restrict access to your feedback portal to logged-in users only (via SSO). Anonymous users will see a "Private" screen with a customizable message that you can add links to. This feature is available for Company Plan and above users, helping you to control access to your feedback and ensure that only authorized users can view it.

  • Session Replay Updates - We've updated our Session Replay feature, making it available only for Company Plan and above users. Now, these users have access to unlimited inclusive sessions, and will no longer have to pay for it in their next invoice. For Startup Plan users, Session Replay will continue to be available at standard fees until they upgrade or remove it manually. Note that Session Replay can no longer be purchased on the Startup Plan.

  • Auto Delete Empty Users - To ensure compliance with current and future data protection and privacy regulations, we've introduced a new feature that automatically deletes empty user accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months. Inactive accounts are those that haven't had any logins to the Service, API usage/calls, or any account activity during that time. This feature helps to protect user data and keep our systems running smoothly.