Assignee Info in Webhooks, Getting Started Checklist, Project Name in Notifications, and Feedback Voting Fix

We've made it easier to track feedback progress with assignee information in webhooks, and onboarding new users with a dynamic checklist. Plus, we've added the project name to notifications and fixed an issue where users could vote on resolved feedback.

  • Webhooks now include assignee info - We've made it easier for you to track feedback by adding assignee information to webhooks. Now you can see who's been assigned to a piece of feedback and track its progress more easily.
  • New Getting Started Checklist - We know that Userback has a lot of features, and it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. So we've created a new Getting Started Checklist that will guide you through the most important features of Userback. You can access it by clicking the Userback logo in the top left corner of the app, or by going to this link:
  • Project Name in Email Notifications - To make it easier to keep track of feedback coming in from different projects, we've added the project name to the notifications you receive when feedback is created. Now you can quickly identify which project the feedback is coming from.
  • No more voting on resolved feedback - We've fixed an issue where you could still vote on feedback that had been resolved. This caused confusion and made it hard to focus on active feedback. Now, when feedback is resolved, you'll no longer be able to vote on it.