Import via CSV, Filter by Feedback Type (Integrations) and more

  • πŸ“€ Import Feature Requests with a CSV to the Feedback Portal. Moving Feature Requests to Userback from a 3rd Party System (or a "master" spreadsheet) is now easier than ever!
  • πŸ” We've also added a filter Feedback Source: CSV Import in line with the new Import CSV feature above. That makes sense right?
  • ‴️ You can now filter by Feedback Type with our Slack and MS Teams integrations. If you want to limit Slack or Teams notifications to just Bug Reports or Feature Requests, now you can!
  • ⚑There is now a quick-search field when adding Categories to Feedback in the Feedback Viewer. We hope this speeds up your Feedback workflow!

Fixes & Updates

  • Gitlab requires the OAuth token to be refreshed every 2 hours.
  • The submit button was clickable before the video had finished uploading using the Widget. It's now greyed out until the process is complete.
  • Images were remembered incorrectly inside the Add Feedback Manually form from previous submissions.
  • Feedback Location was added to our Webhook.